Haven’t done a blog post in a while, so seems appropriate that I should do one on my actual birthday no less!

So…birth – day’s we never ever forget the arrival of our little one’s. The months of anticipating their arrival and what they’ll look like, the getting together of our birth plan, stocking up on nappies and onesies for to bring them back from hospital in. Then the contractions start and after hours (or for some, minutes!) the pain and endurance was all worth it and you have your gorgeous baby in your arms.

Being a newborn photographer I never tire of hearing my clients labour stories, I marvel at the sometimes very funny, and at times very emotional birth’s that they have experienced. It truly is a miracle, and to meet their precious child and photograph them only a few days after they have arrived is nothing short of a privilege.

Born at all hours of the morning, noon or night, whether natural or assisted or c-sections, we all have a birth story to tell. Do you have a funny birth story that you wish to share? Please comment, I’d love to read it!

My own mother said when she was in labour with me that the doctor was telling her to “push, push, keep pushing” and my mum who know her is very petite, very mild mannered, yelled back “I am pushing” — in the midst of childbirth we all have our inhibitions go out the window.

(I was born at 5am in the morning weighing just under 6lbs)

Darcie, 14 days

Darcie who I recently photographed is the second child of a couple I met just over two years ago when I photographed their first born, Cameron. It was lovely to see them grow as a family and to see Cameron, who has obviously grown quite a bit since I first saw him. And to meet their recent addition to their family.

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