Family:  love is in our DNA. ~Terri Guillemets

Love is family. The connections, happiness, and nurture amongst others that blends us. We share, we laugh, we support one another, we are a unit. Together.

Photographing family has to be about connections, the way that sessions has evolved for me is the ability to have my clients get involved in the photos, siblings, dads, mums and be connected. Be in the photos with your baby, your partner, your children.

Trust that I will get those emotive photographs in your sessions. I strive to get those images that will be amongst those photos placed on your walls, on the mantelpiece, or album of memories made over the years, to signify those times in your lives that meant so much more to you than quick snaps on the phone, or selfies that we take on the hop. Images that you can look back on and remind yourself that we were young once (!), how small our children looked, or how tiny our babies were.

I love that previous clients trust in my ability to be able to make them feel at ease during their sessions. I know how daunting the thought of being infront of the camera can be, or how stressful you may think your children might act infront of the camera. It’s my job to take those anxious moments during the session away, I do direct you all to a point, but I do let sessions just evolve, I guide you through the process and get those images and angles that make an photo about you, your family, and personalities that unfold makes the images that when you look at your child ‘yep that is so him/her’!

Above all, I want my clients to enjoy themselves, enjoy the whole process and come away knowing that we preserved memories.

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