Depression can begin at any stage of life, become a manifestation of varying degrees and it effects more people than you think.

Depression can come from different things; upbringing, lifestyle, and events in your life. They can come from mental abuse, physical abuse or sexual abuse, or a loved one passing, a birth of a child. There are so many things that it can stem from.

Recognising the signs and having friends and family to help, actively seeking help and getting treatment is always a step in the right direction to learning to love again.

We have all heard the saying ‘be kind, for everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about’. We all have a sad story to tell. Be kind. Know that everyone has a journey. There is always a beginning, a middle and an end.

Make that ending a positive one.

Demi and her gorgeous little one came to the studio for some ‘Mummy & Me’ photos. I cannot tell you how courageous this young woman is, she is inspirational, and truly is a joy to be around. Demi has an infectious smile, kind beyond words, and to know she has been through a lot over the years and more recently. Demi has been open and honest in her road to recovery from depression. If you have time to read, Demi has expressed in her own words what it means to have Post-Natal Depression:

Turns out I’ve been diagnosed with depression and anxiety. And then got postnatal depression on top which caused me to end up under the Campbell centre team, I’ve had it underlying for years, but the post natal depression seriously enhanced it.

I’m now on medication. Medication works if you want it to, but you can also help yourself without medication if you speak to the professionals. I’ve learned everyone has their own mental health issues, some people handle it well, others don’t. Since I’ve been under the Campbell centre team, I’ve learned people completely hide their emotions as they see it as a weakness. No one tells anyone their feelings or problems in fear of judgement or not wanting to put their stress on anyone else, which makes things worse. I’ve learned most of the UK is depressed or worried about the future.

A guy I know called Stewart Carter explains his research on depression and anxiety on YouTube. He reached out to me recently to look at his YouTube video about anxiety and depression, it makes so much sense. He explains; depression is when you dwell on the past. Anxiety is when you are worried or terrified of the future.

No one lives for today, and today only. The pressure of life and what we should have stops us from living day to day.

Everyone is worried about things that haven’t even happened yet. The second you say “bad” means you can’t change it because you’ve already admitted defeat. By changing your wording to “tough or challenging” means it can change. You have no idea how your week is actually going to be, you could have the best week of your life but you’ve already decided that it’ll probably be “bad”, so it will be. When you have a tough day, take an hour at a time. When everything goes wrong in the morning, just remember you’ve had a tough morning, there’s a whole day ahead to turn it round.

I’ve got so much more to learn and I could speak and do constant posts about me and what I’ve learned. Just by telling everyone my story and what I’ve learned will help someone not to end up where I did. If only I had sorted out my depression and anxiety before I had a baby, I wouldn’t have got this bad, but if me getting this bad can help someone. Please just reach out, to someone close, a doctor, or even a friend.

I hope letting out your fears and failures won’t eat you up anymore, once you let it out you can let it go, because you can’t change it you just got to accept it. When you accept things then you can let it go instead of storing it away in your head. You can’t change the past, you can’t predict tomorrow, you can live for today. Your past made you who you are now, and you are right where you should be. The second you just appreciate what you have right now and live for the day you never know how good your week could be?

The amount of message I’ve had recently because I wanted to end my life is insane, people who I met years ago and haven’t spoken to in years went out of their way to just send me a message or just commented on my status.

Instead I’m telling my story, so people realise there is help out there, and even when you’re in a hole you can eventually get out of it, but that’s only if you want to get out of it. For me, the light at the end of the tunnel is back. And me telling this, is so you know you’re never alone even though you might feel that way, people do understand when you speak and no one judges you for asking for help.

I am loved. And you are too.

You most definitely are loved Demi. With much love to you on this journey.

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