We forget to live for the present. I hold my hand up to that. I’m forever guilty of not doing it.

We always either look back or overthink things for our future. The ever present is never fully lived.

It’s so important we do that, especially when we have children. We forget to relinquish the every day with them. We’re mostly on auto-pilot, taking care of them, doing the chores, feeding them, tending to their every need. We forget to actually LIVE a life in the EVERY DAY.

We should remember to do that often.

For me especially this year, resulted in the passing of my father, it was a shock, having had the all-clear from Cancer last August, to a mere few months later the dreaded ‘C’ word was back with a vengeance and the prognosis was terminal, he was given months to live.

In a space of a few days of his first round of chemotherapy he decided enough was enough. In all, it was only a matter of days he had on this earth, not the months he’d been given.

I’ve had to take a step back, and based from my experiences this year, I’ve had quiet reflection on what it means to ‘LIVE a LIFE’ – to what LIVING in the PRESENT means. Photography has always been my passion, my father was a photographer, and memories stem from those times.

My father and I – circa 1983

Photographing newborns and their families was a complete reflection to appreciate that moment in time. The privilege of documenting a time in a family’s life, the very existential moment of that person’s life and knowing that looking back on that time was definitely ‘loved and lived’.

I know it’s all very philosophical but having that quiet reflection and taking time to realise the importance of what I do, it’s allowed me to reinvent myself (not hugely I may add) but knowing what I want to take forwards in my photography. What do I mean by that exactly?

I want to keep my sessions simplistic in their styling. I will continue to pose babies, but they will be completely baby-led, and I want to project more in the vein of emotive photography. Getting parents move involved during their sessions. To remember that time of those first few days/weeks with your baby, together.

I LOVE what I do. I’m always learning to try to take my photography forwards during my sessions, images that ‘speak’ more to the parents who will cherish their memories. Knowing that those images aren’t about the countless props and set-ups, and more about who is IN it.

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